I often get asked about my nickname: where did it come from? What does it mean? Is it true that everyone calls you Smigs?

This page attempts to give a perspective of the nickname and list all the variations.

  1. Historical
    1. Origin
    2. Smiggs
    3. Smigs
  2. Variations
  3. Others



As far as I know, the first person in my family to bear a similar nickname was my uncle. He was known as 'Smig[g]ers' at school. The origin of the nickname can be easily explained - it simply seems to be a corruption of our surname 'Smith'.


The next person to take on the nickname was my brother, who was taught at primary school by one of our uncle's former classmates, who took to calling him 'Smiggs'. My brother's classmates soon followed suit.


Going to the same primary school, I inevitably picked up the nickname as well. To distinguish ourselves from each other, my brother took to using the spelling 'Smiggs', and myself 'Smigs'. A subtle difference, but woe betide you if you spell either of our nicknames wrong!


The beauty of language is in its inherent creativity, and my friends have exercised that creativity by coming up with scores of variations of 'Smigs'. I've attempted to list them all here. Created with the help of all my old gaim logs and rgrep.

Name Origin Used By? Notes
Smigers, Smiggers Corruption of surname 'Smith' Uncommon use Original nickname of my uncle.
Smiggs Bestowed by primary school teacher Common use Nickname for my brother.
Smigs Used to distinguish from 'Smiggs' Common use 'Root form' of my nickname.
Smigsy (soundalike 'Smigseh') -y: common suffix for names Common use Compare 'Banksy', 'Stubbsy', etc.
Smigsy-wigsy Iona; babytalk, e.g. 'itsy-bitsy spider'. Iona She actually called me this when we met in real life.
Smig[g]y -y: common suffix for names Relatively common
Smiggy-wiggy Tom S; 'Smiggy wiggy let's get biggy' Tom S, used once
Smigly -ly: common suffix for names Relatively common
Smiggles Sal Originally Sal; now a very popular varient Compare 'Biggles', fictional character in a series of books; takes double 'g' even with 'Smigs'.
Smigglesworth Varient on Smiggles; Steve? Steve, Josh Compare Mr. Bigglesworth, Dr. Evil's cat in Austin Powers.
Smigifer, Smigerifer Made up by a former friend of mine, who was known as 'Woodifer' My gmail address is 'smigifer <at> gmail <dot> com', as the username must be at least 7 characters long Compare 'Woodifer'.
Smogs Cj; evil twin of Smigs Uncommon use Evil twin of Smigs.
Twigs Tom S, from 'Smigs Smigs the colour of twigs' Was quite popular, but not anymore Cockney rhyming slang (using the rhyme in place of the original word).
Smigoden Cheez Cheez
Smigsacon Greeny Greeny I have no idea where he got these from.
Smigsamania Greeny Greeny
Samuel-L-Smiggios, Spanish Love God Dez; reference to Samuel L Jackson Dez and a few others This one makes me laugh.
Samuel-L-Smiggy-San Dez; reference to Samuel L Jackson Dez
Smigboat Josh Josh, used a few times Josh comes up with the weirdest names for me. I think he tries to invent a new one every time we talk.
Mount Smiggatopolis Josh Josh, used once
Smigfried Josh Josh, quite often
Smiggypants, Smiggytrousers Josh; 'Smiggytrousers' is the 'British version'. Josh, used once
Smigdoferous Josh Josh, used once
Smigtopher Josh; 'topher' as in 'Christopher'? Josh, used once
Smigga Josh; play on 'nigga'? Josh, used once
Smiggards Josh Josh, used once
Smigtown Josh; 'Smigtown, USA!' Josh, a few times
Smigland Josh Josh, used once
Smigford Josh Josh, used once
Smig[s]erino -erino: Flandersism? Uncommon
Smigster -ster: common suffix Uncommon
Smiggydoo Chris Lodge I don't speak to him anymore
Smigilydee Matt Matt, Used once
Smigadee Sal, abbreviated version of 'Smigilydee'? Sal, Matt, Cheez, etc; no longer used
Smigglypoo Matt Matt, used once Matt is another one of my friends who is extremely creative when it comes to my nickname.
Smigumy Matt, from 'thingummy'? Matt, used once
Smigsable Matt Matt, used once
Smigathy Matt Matt, used once
Smigerypie Matt Matt, used once
Smigly-wigly[-woo] Matt; babytalk? Matt, used once
Smig[s]ular Ruth, Greeny Ruth, Greeny, used a couple of times I like this one
[El] Smiggio[s] Brewer? Once relatively common
Smigioso Dave B Dave B, used once
Smigsio Greeny Greeny, used once
Smiglet Someone in my Y7 form; -let: diminutive Fairly common
Smigola Brewer? Brewer, used a few times
Le Smig Smigs; I like french I used it a couple of times The only one I made up myself
Smigglagator Sal; from 'aligator'? Sal, used once
Smigiscle Simon; from popsicle/icicle? Simon, used once
Smigsasm Steve; from 'orgasm' ('only sexier') Steve, a couple of times
[teh] Smigs0r Cj; play on l33t speak Cj, used once omgz!!!111one1!!1
Smigglypoof Cj; from 'Jigglypoof', the Pokemon Cj, used once If it weren't for pokemon I never would have met Cj. Sad, I know.
Smigeth Cj; ye olde english Cj, used once
Smigaroony Cj; a Flandersism Cj, used once
The Smiginator Tom C, Terminator ref. Tom C, see this post
Smigachu Tom C, Pokemon ref.


Believe it or not there are other people out there who call themselves Smigs; a quick google will turn up all manner of profiles and webpages of people who have the same name. There's even a (very bad) poem about one 'Mr. Smiggs', as well as a hotel in Australia called 'Smiggins'. 'Smigielski' is also a surname in Polish, meaning 'of Smigiel'; this surname is, unsurprisingly, also found in America.